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Internal torrents

Total active torrents: 5
Total amount shared: 1.03 Gigabytes

Total amount transferred: 656.934 Gigabytes
Total copies downloaded: 3,862
Total speed: 0.00Kilobytes per second

Total seeds: 3
Total leechers: 0
Total peers: 3

Retired torrent statistics

Total retired torrents: 0
Total size of retired torrents: 0.00 Megabytes

Total completed downloads: 0
Total amount transferred: 0.000 Gigabytes


Since installation, this tracker has seen 5 torrents with a total size of 1.03 Gigabytes. In total, 3,862 copies were downloaded, with 656.934 Gigabytes transferred.

Note: This includes retired torrent statistics, but not external torrent statistics.